Monthly Archives: August 2015

I’ve collected the second lot of prints from Chris at ThreeD Pro today – brilliant job once again! One of the new materials was unsuccessful in achieving the detail I was after, but the other was perfect!  I think I’ve found a winner! The material is Madesolid Vorex tough resin.  It comes in a […]

New print material and work on my website

Ok, so I picked up my first test print from Chris at ThreeD Pro who has done a great job on it.  I’m waiting on 2 more copies of the same in different materials to try it out, but so far I’m impressed with the print quality that has been achievable. Having […]

First Print Critique

A quick update on a busy Saturday. Today i have a test print of the Barbarian model being done so i can test the detail. When i pick it up from the printer I’ll post photos and a critique of the end product. This isn’t going to be a castable […]

First Test Print!

Ok, so first post on here so I had better give an overview of who I am, what I’m doing and why I’ve set this all up. My name is Dan, and I’m a life long figure painter, sculptor, artist and all round creative bod.  I painted my first model at the […]

Introduction to Lion Tower Miniatures