Introduction to Lion Tower Miniatures

Ok, so first post on here so I had better give an overview of who I am, what I’m doing and why I’ve set this all up.

My name is Dan, and I’m a life long figure painter, sculptor, artist and all round creative bod.  I painted my first model at the age of 7 and have been heavily into the hobby ever since.  My (very patient) wife and I have recently had our first child and the whole experience has inspired me to push on with my hobby and make a litte more of it.

I’ve been sculpting in Greenstuff and Procreate for some time, and have recently been experimenting with Beesputty also, although for the last few years I have been teaching myself to adapt my skills into digital media, and have been using Blender and Zbrush in conjunction with a Wacom tablet to do most of my sculpting.  I feel I have now had sufficient practice to get stuck in and produce my own range of figures.

My intention is to get a range of figures to represent my take on RPG characters.  To start with, there will be no rules for gaming as I just want to make cool models that are a joy to paint.

I have been working hard and have so far produced my first 5 characters – a Fighter/warrior, Wizard, Barbarian, Rogue and Warrior Monk.  I feel I still need to make a few tweaks on them yet, but I’m not that far off now.

I’ve set up a YouTube channel for uploading my model turntables and if there is some demand I may also do a few tutorials or speed sculpts of the processes I go through.

The videos of the models can be seen below.

I’m always keen for feedback and input, so all comments are welcomed!

That’s me for now anyway – I’ll keep the updates coming!


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