Hi again, I’ve been offline working on a few small projects that I’m not allowed to discuss so firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates lately.  I’ve finally got round to making the tweaks in my barbarian model, and have added a few bits to finish it off.  Pic below

I need to say a big thank you to my beautiful wife for being very understanding and taking out little one (now 12 weeks old!) out for the day on Saturday and allowing me to have the whole day to work on my sculpts!

Barbarian Final

The amendments I’ve made are as follows:

1 – I have enlarged the whole figure a fair bit – he should now stand at around 39mm tall. This should also address the issue of facial details not showing up I had in the first print.

2 – I finally discovered that my missing parts were due to bad geometry in the sculpt!  for those of you not familiar with digital modelling, the figure needs to me watertight, so if I remove a single ‘face’ from the polygon mesh on the top of the head (or in this case each component) and fill the model with water, if the water could leak out anywhere, the model isn’t printable.  I’ve gone back through the model and fixed all my duff geometry so all is good and I’ve learned a valuable lesson!  Most of this is caused by me trying to reduce the file size by deleting internal geometry and forgetting to close the holes! doh!

3 – I’ve thickened up some of the bandages and straps and armour plates where the printed figure lacked definition.  This will help to make them show up better on the final model

4 – I thickened up his axe and totally rebuilt his sword to be more chunky, and I also removed the gap between the hand and the hilt of the sword which was a weak point on the original model.  the new chunky sword looks suitably barbaric and massive too which is a nice bonus!

5 – I added a layer of armour and a bit of fur to his left shoulder to give it a bit more substance and bring the fur on his boots up through the model.

6 – you cant see in the picture but the head is separate and used a trapezoid block as a key.  Both head variants (the bare head with scars and no facial hair and the one pictured with the beard and eyepatch) will be packaged with the figure.  I might do another one with hair too but we’ll see how I get on with time – I’m wary that I’ve dragged this one out much longer than I’d have liked!

Image comparison below, with the new version on the left and the previous version on the left.

Barbarian Comparison

The print file will be sent over to Chris at ThreeD Pro in the next day or 2 to be printed at 25 micron resolution in the nice Amber material again.  As soon as its back in I’ll get the images of the print uploaded and compared to the original print for good measure.



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