Ok, so my last update on this blog was in September.  Its now nearly June so a lot of catching up to do!

I’ve been hard at work sculpting the figures for my own figure range, as well as delivering a few other commissions (which unfortunately I am not able to disclose at present) including sculpting the figure range for Wrathborn by Hairy Studios.  I’m still doing the sculpting in my evenings and on weekends along with juggling a young family, so time is definitely lacking.

So progress on my range at present is as follows:

There are now 4 completed figures ready for my first Kickstarter – the Fighter, Rogue, Barbarian and Wizard.  These are all now 3D printed and looking lovely from the photos I’ve recieved.   They should be in the post to me shortly so will arrive in however long it takes for a package to get from the US to the UK.  As soon as I’ve checked the quality of the prints and I’m happy with the product, I’ll turn the Kickstarter live and start the 30 day countdown.  Can’t wait!

I’ve also decided that with the limited time I have at my disposal, concepting in 3D on the fly has led to too much wasted time and too many discarded sculpts.  So I’ve now enlisted the assistance of the very talented Dio Mahesa to help me with envisioning my characters.  He’s so far done a great job of drawing the characters up to my specifications and I couldn’t be happier with the outputs.  The figures he has done for me will be used for stretch goals in my Kickstarter – In order of release, they are: Ranger, Druid, Warrior Monk, and Sorceror (current WIP).  He’ll be working on a Cleric and Paladin shortly too, so hopefully everyone helps get the project funded and keeps me busy with sculpting all of the stretch goals.

Speaking of Sculpting stretch goals, I’ve been working on the Ranger sculpt from Dio’s concept and the progress is coming on nicely.

If you’d like to see all of the progress and updates chronologically as its happened over the past 6 months, please check out my Facebook page where (purely for ease sake as I can do it on my phone!) I’ve been posting updates lately.

From know on though, I promise that the significant updates will be posted on here first and then linked to Facebook after, so this will be the primary source for information regarding my Kickstarter , figure releases and Work In Progress shots.

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