Its been a while since I posted any updates for my figure range but I have been very busy working on it. I’ve also decided to put the extra work in and develop the game to a finished product so that it can be launched at the same time as the minis! More on that to come in the new year including previous of some of the rules, battle reports, stat cards and more!

Ahead of new year I thought I’d post a few more additions to the range. The cleric has been reworked to make him look more rugged and like he belongs in he same climate as the other figures in the range so far with the addition of a fur trim. The barbarian had been significantly reposed, has a new head and new weapons as well as a few proportion tweaks. I know there was a lot of love for the helmed version I did previously but i opted to change it as I felt he had more of a Chaos Marauder vibe than a barbarian warrior. Also as the head is not changeable Ive been able to sculpt the long hair which I previously had to omit. Very happy with them both now.

There’s two other figures too (a new ranger sculpt and a resculpt of the wizard) which I’ll put together the showcase sheets for later and get them up online. There is also a Sorcerer mini that is nearly complete and will also be showcased once finished.

Barbarian Resculpt


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