More new Minis!

I’ve finished a number of additional sculpts ready for the upcoming Kickstarter.

The ranger is a rugged scout who can move stealthily through all terrain and is a master marksman, highly proficient in the use of a bow, and poised ready to take aim and fell his target from afar!  He

RangerThe Wizard is a veteran scholar of magic, having spent his life dedicated to learning the arts and mysteries of magic, he can now command great powers as a result of his studies and years of practice.

Wizard Resculpt

The Sorcerer, unlike the wizard has never had to learn a spell, instead the magic he employs is an innate gift coming from his lineage which manifests itself once every few generations.  The sorcerer has less discipline than the Wizard, and a smaller selection of spells available, but what he lacks in variety, he makes up for in raw power.


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