Patreon Update

With my Patreon campaign dependant on supporter input to determine what I make, in this early phase I have decided to make the decision on the first figure – A female spear master! I wanted to make sure there is some unique content to entice you all in, so I’ve recorded the first part of the sculpt. A quick apology that he video is an hour and 40 minutes long but I spent a bit of time explaining everything I was doing!

For the next part of this video I’m going to try to keep it much shorter and also do a screen capture to try to give you a little more clarity.

This my first tutorial and was unscripted and filmed on the fly so please excuse any clumsiness or rambling in my presentation!!

You can watch the video using the link below. Im keen to find out if people like the style of this video or would you prefer something more streamlined? Perhaps an unadulterated recording of the sculpt with a nice soundtrack?

Don’t forget – its my first shot at a tutorial/explanation of my process so go easy on me!! Don’t forget to Like and Subscribe! 🙂

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