My Kickstarter Campaign has wrapped up now and has successfully achieved 255% funding!  That might sound like I’ve made a load of profit, but its pretty much all going back into expanding the product line.  Initially I set out to fund production of 7 miniatures, which happened in exactly 7 days!  From then on the backing continued to grow and I ran out of planned stretch goals having the campaign do far better than I was expecting!  I enlisted the help of Brother Baston (a fantastic artist who I admire greatly) to help with concepting female versions of all of the male character classes that had been unlocked.  By the end of the campaign, I had unlocked a grand total of 36 miniatures!  Thats a lot of sculpting for me to do so I need to crack on if I’m going to deliver them on time.

The 36 miniatures that have been unlocked (with the exception of those that are exclusive to Kickstarters) will be available to purchase in my web shop from Around September 2017.  I am also looking for retailers and Distributors to help me with getting them about, so if you are interested yourself or know someone who is I would really appreciate passing on my details and getting in touch.

I want to thank the 194 people who backed this to help make it a success – I’ll be creating a wall of honour on this site soon, and may even name some of the characters after some of you who selected the top level pledges (although due to the gender split in the higher level backers, some of you may end up naming a character of the opposite gender!)!

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