We have set our date for the launch of Wrathborn through Kickstarter – 2nd October 2018, at 8pm GMT.  The campaign will initially set out to produce the starting 2 factions – the Norndrassel Jarldom and the Children of Sha’h Lycanfiend.  We will also be publishing a hard back rulebook containing everything you need to get started playing Wrathborn.

The game is a story driven tabletop skirmish game in a fantasy setting.

We will be offering players the opportunity to help evolve and develop the living story as it unfolds.  By taking part in our story driven campaigns and submitting battle reports, the events of your games and their outcomes can become canon in the Wrathborn story to really bring a new level of engagement to the players.  Your lowly Nordrassel warrior slays a Lycanfiend Alpha in a spectacular fashion?  Your warrior may become a named Hero in the story arc.  A special character gets slain in an unexpected but heroic battle – we write them out of the story.

Come and help shape the future of Wrathborn!  Keep your eyes out for more Kickstarter updates soon!

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