There have been a lot of changes going on in the background that no-one would have been aware of, but ultimately they have resulted in a need for me to make a drastic business decision.  I’d like to explain this for you all so that you understand, and hopefully at the end of this all I still have your support going forward.

Lion tower miniatures is still a part time business for me, and with momentum behind Wrathborn building following the UK Games Expo, the demand for the miniatures has become too much for me to deal with in my current environment.  This is essentially a “mancave business” that happens after I’ve done my day job, got home to the wife and kids, had some “daddy time”, put the kids to bed, had dinner with the wife at about 9pm…then the business starts.

Having a house full of products, packaging materials, inserts, bases etc is beginning to take its toll and as the product ranges expand, the demand on space also increases and so does the workload involved in managing it.  It had got to a point where it was a choice between the business and my family, and for me it will always be family first.

I am currently at a stage where it is only viable to continue producing physical miniatures if I were to be doing this as a full time job.  As such, I have made the decision not to continue to produce Wrathborn as a game and accompanying miniature range.  Rik Eddon who has been writing Wrathborn has left Lion Tower Miniatures and will continue development of Wrathborn with thie hopes that it will be published in the near future.  He has, however, decided to do this without the support of a miniature range.  This means that the sculpts I have done to date for Wrathborn are no longer going ot be used.  I will need to consider how to approach this but I want them to all still find their way into the marketplace by some means. 

The RPG minis are all being reworked to have multiple head options and in some cases weapon options too.  As the new versions are ready, the old versions will be uploaded to MyMiniFactory for digital download.  it is the intention that my casting partner will be handling all of the transactions for the physical miniature products here

You may also notice that all Wrathborn related content has been removed from the site.  This is as a result of a request by Rik that all reference to Wrathborn be removed.  If you would still like to follow Wrathborn as a game, there is a facebook group set up for it so please head over there and sign up to continue to recieve details. If it the models you are interested in, continue to keep an eye here and on the Lion Tower Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and I will update as soon as I have anything to tell.

Alongside all of this I am beginning to focus on releasing a selection of STL downloads and am planning the development of my Patreon page.  digital offerings going forward will include:

  • STL Files of complete miniatures
  • obj files from my component library (weapons, armour, heads, equipment etc) that can be used to modify miniatures
  • tutorials on using zbrush to sculpt miniatures
  • real time and timelapse recordings of sculpts

The Patreon link will be posted once more content is prepared, and you will be able to use your Patreon login on this site and it will grant you access to certain premium content. 

I already have a page set up at with a number of digital files available, so for the 3D printing enthusiasts amongst you please head over to the link below and try them out!  some of them were limited edition minis, some discontinued and others unreleased.  Later there will also be terrain, buildings, dungeon tiles and a selection of particularly large monsters that just wouldnt be viable as miniatures but are doable as 3D prints.

There has been an awful lot of change in a very short space of time and its going to be a difficult few months whilst I reconcile everything and plan for the future, so please bear with me and I will do everything in my power to ensure that normal service resumes as soon as possible and that the offering from me expands fairly rapidly over the coming months.

 Thank you all for your support

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly

Managing Director & Sculptor

Dan Kelly is the designer and sculptor behind all of the miniatures you'll find on this site.  He has been involved in miniatures and wargaming for over 30 years.  A love of painting miniatures is what first go him into the hobby and a desire to sculpt miniaures that are a pleasure to paint is at the heart of all of his designs.

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