So it is the eve of the end of the second month on my Patreon journey, bringing the Adventurers Guild to life.  The current Patron count stands at 108!  That is a phenomenal achievement in such a short space of time and I am both humbled and blown away by the uptake!

These last 2 months have proven to me that my decision to change the direction of the business was the right one.  Digital sales of STl files are generating more revenue that miniature sales ever have done for me, and there is no after sale work to be done other than answering a few questions on 3d printing.  The whole process is thoroughly enjoyable and seeing ym efforst pay off daily through new Patrons joining gives the same kind of buzz as seeing your Kickstarter funds rocket up towards your goal!  

direct STl sales through myMiniFactory are also looking good!  I was told not to expect to break even until around month 3 – month 2 and I’ve got more than 10x my return on investiment in the bank!  sales are going exceptionally well, but I’ve got a little guardian angel to thank for that (you know who you are!) as my models are often being featured and promoted so it all helps!

Tradeshow wise, I intend to keep doing them.  I’ve got chillcon in Derby coming up shortly where i’ll be doing some goody bag support with some Barbarian miniatures (they were actually ordered for the Sheffield show but thats another story!).  I’ll be selling off my remaining stocks and plugging my Patreon there hoping to get some new backers on board.  If you’re going to Chillcon Derby be sure to drop by and say Hi.  It’ll just be me there with limited stock – perhaps one or 2 volunteers I’ve managed to rope into helping too!  I’ve got a local one in Sheldon, Birmingham coming up in December too which I’ll make an appearance at, then Ill be looking to see what I can book up for 2020.

So back to patreon – i’ve got my releases planned up until February 2020.  and I’m working on the longer term plan at the moment.  

The range of Vikings and Werewolves that I sculpted are currently being procured by a new startup company who are looking to take them to kickstarter.  There are big plans for expansion, but only within a nordic fantasy scope.  The new range will go down great for anyone playing Ragnarok by Osprey Games as they are very compatible!  I have also negotiated with the new owners that I will continue to provide sculpts for them, and they will in turn allow me to sell the STL files through Patreon and MyMiniFactory for printing at home.  They will be selling ready made metal/resin copies of the models so all potential customers can be reached.  I’ll do a big announcement for them once they’re ready to go and the deal has been closed and signed off so awatch this space!

The range of RPG miniatures is also hopefully changing hands soon and will see some re-worked versions of some of the more popular models back on sale through a third party company.  This will be in addition to the STL files being sold not instead of, so it will ensure that everyone will be able to obtain their favourite miniatures.

I’m sure there’ a lot more i could cover off, but for now I ‘ll leave it here, and put out a few more regular development blog type updates.

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly

Managing Director & Sculptor

Dan Kelly is the designer and sculptor behind all of the miniatures you'll find on this site.  He has been involved in miniatures and wargaming for over 30 years.  A love of painting miniatures is what first go him into the hobby and a desire to sculpt miniaures that are a pleasure to paint is at the heart of all of his designs.

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