So I’m just over 1 month into my new career as a full time sculptor! I’v made a few mistakes already (getting over–eager!) and I’ve had a lot of fun, but also experienced some of the pains of working at home.

My plan is to get sculpting ahead of myself – ideally I want 6 months worth of releases lined up and ready to go. This first month, I took on a commission sculpt that I massively underestimated the workload on (it was a huge giant with tons of detail but there were a few tweaks requested by the client which added time. I already had my City Watch to get finished (really pleased with how they turned out in the end – see pic below), and also needed to be sculpting for the March releases. Alongside all of this, I had Pagan Miniatures who purchased a couple of miniature ranges from me running their first Kickstarter and they wanted a few extra figures doing for that. They’re good friends so I’m happy to help and luckily we’ve got an arrangement that lets me put new sculpts out to my patrons, so the March offering is now basically Viking based whilst also simultaneously getting their range developed!

So I’ve learnt a few lessons the hard way, and no more commission work now for at least 4-6 months, until i’m caught up enough to keep the Patreon ticking and allow me a week or 2 off in the summer.

The Guild Merchant tier slots are filling up fast and I’ve hit a new PB with patrons at 381 in the month so its all looking very positive! Looking ahead I’m planning to do a little bit of an STL kickstarter to release the incredibly popular Kingsguard as a whole army! There will be a mage detachment, Heavy Knights, lightly armoured scouts, a few more characters, and no Kingsguard would be complete without a King to guard! Keep your eyes peeled for that one!

In other new, I’ve just handed over the first 5 3D prints for my new sample boxed set which I’ll only be selling at trade shows to promote the STL business. It will be a simple adventuring party in a limited edition run. Once the moulds are done that’s it. Next time I’ll run a different set of models and keep repeating for future shows.

Thats it for now – I’m going to try to do these a little more frequently and make a bit of time for them. Hopefully keep you all updated with the latest goings on!

One final word – its tough being a self employed artist so even if you don’t have a 3D printer to print models off yourself, sharing my page and my Facebook and Instagram posts will also be a huge help. The more my work is seen, the more likely people are to subscribe, and the longer I can continue with the dream of sculpting as my day job.

Thank you all!



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