Level Up Heroes!

What do we mean by "Levelling Up"?

In Role Play Games (RPGs) whether digital or analogue, the player begins the game with a character who is a lower level and then as the game progresses and they play out the story they gain experience and get stronger.  this process of growth is often referred to as “Levelling Up”

In digital games the Levelling up is often tracked through a visual means such as an XP bar (XP = Experience – also sometimes EXP) whereas in analogue games it is more commonly a numerical tracking system.  


At certain XP mile stones the character increases their level (an indicator of the relative power of a character).  This usually entitles them to new skills, abilities, stat boosts and proficiencies.  This coupled with the financial gains associated with adventuring means they will generally improve their equipment, and may even come across enchanted items on their travels as they Level Up. 

So in essence, your starting adventurer will look very different to your top level adventurer, so it is important to be able to properly represent this on the tabletop. 

So how does this work with miniatures?

Each month I release a new set of Level Up miniatures representing the various stages of a character’s progression.  You cget a male and a female option of each class, and each is represented in 3 different forms.  There is the Noob – fresh out of the academy and full of enthusiasm and good intent!  Then there is the Veteran who has been through their fair share of adventures and is now better equipped both physically and mentally to deal with them.  The final evolution is the Living Legend – Bards sing of their exploits and they have reaped the rewards of a life of adventure!

Each set has a number of weapons, items of equipment and heads which are modular – i.e. they can be swapped out to customise your models.  this means that as your character develops and gets new equipment you can properly represent it on your model so it really is as close to your player character as you can possibly get.

The images below are an example of a male paladin Noob level (before being posed) with a selection of the equipment options available with it.

How do modular models work?

All of the Level Up range and some of the other models I make use a common set of heads and hands.  The heads and hands have a ball joint on the body end of them and the body has corresponding ball sockets at the base of the neck and at the wrists.

Simply print the body of your choice and then choose a head and hands and print them too.  They’re all correctly scaled so once they are printed, simply clean the model, remove the supports, post cure all of the components and then use superglue to fix the bits together (more tips, instruction and advice on the hobby aspects can be found in the articles section of the site HERE)

Each month’s releases feature new items, but all heads and hands that have been sculpted to date are available to Patrons via a Patreon Subscription of at least Guild Member or higher.  All heads and hands are compatible, but the female ones have smaller sockets thant the males.

You can sign up to Patreon to get access to the component library HERE

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