Who Are We?

Lion Tower Miniatures was founded in 2015 by Dan Kelly.  Dan has been a miniature collector since 1990, and has been sculpting miniatures since 2006, making the switch to digital sculpting in 2014 (mostly to learn a new skill!).  At the time, we didn’t believe that 3D printing technology was within our reach, but how wrong we were!  Following the success of our first Kickstarter in 2017, we have invested in a top quality 3D printer and are now doing both sculpting and printing exclusively in-house.

In 2017, Rik Eddon Joined the Team.  Rik has been an avid gamer and brought with him the wealth of background and lore that is Wrathborn.  Since then, Dan and Rik have been adding to the world of Wrathborn with the help of some talented freelancers, creating miniatures, artwork, background and history, short stories, game rules and much more, to turn the original concept of the game into something new and exciting.

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