Works in Progress

Hi again, I’ve been offline working on a few small projects that I’m not allowed to discuss so firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates lately.  I’ve finally got round to making the tweaks in my barbarian model, and have added a few bits to finish it […]

Overdue sculpt update!

I’ve collected the second lot of prints from Chris at ThreeD Pro today – brilliant job once again! One of the new materials was unsuccessful in achieving the detail I was after, but the other was perfect!  I think I’ve found a winner! The material is Madesolid Vorex tough resin.  It comes in a […]

New print material and work on my website

Ok, so I picked up my first test print from Chris at ThreeD Pro who has done a great job on it.  I’m waiting on 2 more copies of the same in different materials to try it out, but so far I’m impressed with the print quality that has been achievable. Having […]

First Print Critique

A quick update on a busy Saturday. Today i have a test print of the Barbarian model being done so i can test the detail. When i pick it up from the printer I’ll post photos and a critique of the end product. This isn’t going to be a castable […]

First Test Print!

Ok, so first post on here so I had better give an overview of who I am, what I’m doing and why I’ve set this all up. My name is Dan, and I’m a life long figure painter, sculptor, artist and all round creative bod.  I painted my first model at the […]

Introduction to Lion Tower Miniatures