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This offers the best value for customers

Subscribe each month to get access to the monthly releases with no additional payment required! Past months have seen as many as 48 miniatures released, although a typical release is around 6-8 miniatures a month. 

There is no minimum subscribtion term so you can do as little as 1 month if you see something you want. 

All of the months files will be sent to you via to add to your library so you’ll never have to worry about rushing to get your files before the month end.

MyMiniFactory (MMF)

This is our primary STL store in which you can obtain any figures that you have missed from previous months releases.  Patreon subscribers get a discount code each month varying from 25% to 50% depending on any particular special occasion.  

 Additionally, all Patreon subscribers will recieve their STL files through an MMF redemption code each month – if your Patreon email address is the same as your MMF login, they will automatically be added to your library without you needing to intervene.


MiniHoarder (MH)

This is a new addition to our digital sales repertoire and works in much the same way as My Mini Factory, except the site is specifically designed with miniatures in mind where MMF has all sorts of STL files for all walks of life (including miniatures)


We don’t really use Thingiverse in a big way but whenever we release a free STL file we always add them to Thingiverse to give them maximum exposure.  You’ll find the free files on both MMF and MH too so use whichever platform you prefer.

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