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Lion Tower Miniatures Launched in 2017 with a Kickstarter to fund 11 male RPG Characters.  Due to Dan getting a little over-excited on his first Kickstarter this ended up at 35 miniatures, male female and pets, as well as 2 limited edition exclusive miniatures!

It is not our intention nor business model to put every new release to Kickstarter, however we will be using the platform for anything which is different to our usual offerings, and anything where there is a significant investment required (i.e. boxed games, plastic miniature production etc).

Below you will find details of all of the Kickstarters we have run to date, and all those that we have planned for the future.

Kickstarter  Stats to date for Lion Tower Miniatures

Successful Campaigns

Combined Backers

Total Money Raised

Miniatures Unlocked

Kickstarter #1 – 32mm Human Adventurers

Launched on 24th February 2017, raising £12767 from 198 backers.  Our First Kickstarter and a great success!


Money Raised

Miniatures Unlocked

Kickstarter #2- Wrathborn

Wrathborn is our tabletop skirmish game set in a fantasy world full of character and a rich background.  The starter set for Wrathborn will include 2 starter factions – the Nordrassel Jarldom, and the Lycanfiend.  We also plan to release the next 2 factions during this Kickstarter – the Kingdoms of Aner’a – a faction of fiercly anti-magic pious warriors, and the Jade Empire – an Eastern themed faction with dragon blood in their lineage.  If the campaign goes well we will also be looking to put out an expansion pack or 2 and expand on the miniature range.

Coming to Kickstarter October 2018

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