Beasts of War have published an article featuring my upcoming Kickstarter. all positive I’m happy to report! Head on over to their site and have a read!…/heroic-kickstarter-adventurers/

Lion Tower Kickstarter Covered by Beasts of War

Final post for the evening – After preparing a lot of my Kickstarter stuff this evening, I have now added a mailing list subscription button to my Facebook page. If you’re thinking about backing my Kickstarter, please go and sign up first – if you are on my mailing list […]

Mailing List Signup!

The Kickstarter preview link is now live – Come on over and have a look! Launching at the end of the month! Exciting times!…   I have amended the miniature standard pricing from £10 per mini RRP to £8 per mini just for the Kickstarter to give a bit […]

Kickstarter Preview

With my Patreon campaign dependant on supporter input to determine what I make, in this early phase I have decided to make the decision on the first figure – A female spear master! I wanted to make sure there is some unique content to entice you all in, so I’ve […]

Patreon Update

The 4 miniatures in the image (Fighter V1, Barbarian V1, Rogue V1 and Wizard V1) have now all been uploaded as compressed RAR files for Level 3 Pledgers to download. Each is multi-parted, consisting of 4 different heads, 4 left arm options and 4 right arm options for a variety […]

The original 4 multipart characters are now available as digital ...

I’ve finished a number of additional sculpts ready for the upcoming Kickstarter. The ranger is a rugged scout who can move stealthily through all terrain and is a master marksman, highly proficient in the use of a bow, and poised ready to take aim and fell his target from afar! […]

More new Minis!

Its been a while since I posted any updates for my figure range but I have been very busy working on it. I’ve also decided to put the extra work in and develop the game to a finished product so that it can be launched at the same time as […]

More new minis!

After having the original set of miniature printed and then sitting down to paint them, I found there were a few things that I wasn’t so keen on that I thought could be done better.  I also felt that the multiple arm and head options per miniature were holding me […]

New Rogue Sculpt

I’ve just set up a Patreon account to assist with funding my transition to sculpting on a full time basis. Depending on your pledge level, I will provide the raw STL files for conversion packs for my existing miniatures (new heads and weapons etc), as well as various accessories, […]


Painted Rogue Mini
Finally put the finishing touches to my rogue model. Not the best paint job in the world but the best I’ve managed to pull off. Feeling very pleased with myself although not so happy with the eyes seeing them up close. Also should add that the blood on the base […]

Painted Minis!

After a long wait with the post office refusing to let me pay the customs fees until they issued a ticket (which took them nearly 2 weeks to do!), I’ve finally received the first 4 miniatures ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign off!

Miniatures ready for Kickstarter!

I've been slacking a bit lately as far as my blog goes, focussing on getting my sculpting commissions delivered and working on my own range, so have been posting quick updates on Facebook for ease. This post is a summary update of all the goings on through Facebook from September until now, and a promise to pay more attention to my blog going forward!

Sculpting, Kickstarter and Concept Art – update for my recently ...