Welcome to the Lions Tower  Adventurers Guild! 

Lead sculptor Dan Kelly designs and sculpts new sets of miniatures each month around set themes.  The miniatures are designed with input from fans and subscribers by means of direct discussion and polls.  The finished figures are released digitally via the means described below, but you can also purchase physical copies which are covered further down the page. 

Digital miniatures are offered presupported for those of you that want an easy life, and the quality of the physical product is also incredibly high with very little cleanup required.

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Click here to purchase STL Files

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Level Up Heroes!  New classes released each month!

What is Level Up all about?

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“I dont own a 3D printer but I want your minis!”

Thats fine!  Not everyone will want to embark on the trials and tribulations of the hobby that is 3d printing!  It takes lots of time, trial and error, endless learning as well as a fair financial outlay for hardware and materials.  If you’d still like to get your hands on a physical miniature or set of miniatures, we have a number of ways that you can access them.

Order Direct

We offer a limited selection of miniature sets from the range as high quality resin miniatures, printed on resin printers at 25 micron layer thickness (the same as we do for production masters). These are available to buy in our web store.  

Patrons who sign up as Guild Members get a 10% discount off all purchases (Click HERE to sign up for £5 per month).

Patrons who sign up as Guild Champions get a 20% discount off all purchases (Click HERE to sign up for £8.50 per month)

We ship worldwide with reasonable shipping charges so don’t worry about your location.

Approved Print on Demand Services

If you want a single miniature or maybe just a single figure from the sets on offer here, we have a number of approved print on demand vendors around the world.  

We have a list of some of our approved vendors HERE

They sell through a variety of means and all have access to the full library of our models but if you have picked up one of our STL files from one of the digital stores they should be happy enough to print them for you.  Please have a look and find one that is nearest to you or appeals to you and get in touch.

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