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Our range of 32mm miniatures, perfect for your RPG player characters and NPC’s, are now available! With 13+ different classic RPG classes we’re bound to have something that’ll suit your needs. View All Our RPG Heroes Now!

Wrathborn - Norndrassel and Lycanfiend Starter sets - Preorder

Wrathborn is a fantasy tabletop skirmish war game from Lion Tower Miniatures. If you love the idea of Viking doing battle with Werewolves, then this is the game for you! the mighty Norndrassel: Jarldom and the Fearsome Children of Sha: Lycanfiend are now available for pre-order for February shipping

Wrathborn - Snow Troll - Preorder

The Mighty Snow Troll is currently under production and is now available to preorder!

Wrathborn - Lycanfiend Warg Preorder

The Fearsome Warg is currently under production and is now available to preorder!

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Fighter Repose

Fighter Repose

I've had mixed feedback about my fighter sculpt, mostly relating to the pose. Something didn't sit right with me so I reposed and altered a few details. What do you think of him now? Prefer this version or the more static pose from before?

Fighter Resculpt

Fighter Resculpt

A bit of an update for my fighter mini resculpt. A slight pose tweak and the addition of a dagger, sword scabbard and coat, plus I removed the Lion iconography which I felt needed too much of a background story to explain without there actually being one!

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