RPG Heroes

Our range of 32mm miniatures, perfect for your RPG player characters and NPC’s, are now available! With 13+ different classic RPG classes we’re bound to have something that’ll suit your needs. View All Our RPG Heroes Now!

Wrathborn - Norndrassel and Lycanfiend Starter sets - Preorder

Wrathborn is a fantasy tabletop skirmish war game from Lion Tower Miniatures. If you love the idea of Viking doing battle with Werewolves, then this is the game for you! the mighty Norndrassel: Jarldom and the Fearsome Children of Sha: Lycanfiend are now available for pre-order for February shipping

Wrathborn - Snow Troll - Preorder

The Mighty Snow Troll is currently under production and is now available to preorder!

Wrathborn - Lycanfiend Warg Preorder

The Fearsome Warg is currently under production and is now available to preorder!

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Kickstarter Preview

Kickstarter Preview

The Kickstarter preview link is now live - Come on over and have a look! Launching at the end of the month! Exciting times! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1207561121/1725004928…   I have amended the miniature standard pricing from £10 per mini RRP to £8 per mini...

More new Minis!

More new Minis!

I've finished a number of additional sculpts ready for the upcoming Kickstarter. The ranger is a rugged scout who can move stealthily through all terrain and is a master marksman, highly proficient in the use of a bow, and poised ready to take aim and fell his target...

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