Kickstarter Exclusives

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Kickstarter Exclusives are limited edition products that can only be viewed by backers of our Kickstarter campaigns. If you have missed a campaign, you may be able to register as a late backer.

Check out the ‘Late Backer Access‘ category to see if a late backer product is available.
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The following products are available for a limited period of time during the pledge management period of Kickstarter campains, and are only available to Kickstarter backers.

KS Exclusive Miniature Packs are available to backers of the campaign that they are associated with. They will remain available until all backers have claimed thier pledge, and will then be removed from the store forever.

Limited Edition miniatures are available to all Kickstarter backers, but will only be available during a Kickstarter pledge window. They will be removed from sale once all backers of the active campaign have claimed thier pledges, and will return during the pledge management phase of the next campaign.

Any figure or multi-pack that will also be available for pre-order (followed by general release), will be found in the appropriate general release category, and will not be listed below.

Kickstarter backers will be added to a group that will receive the discount on “campaign-specific” single figures advertised during the campaign. This discount will persist after pledge management has been completed.

Figures will be shipped in the following order:
1. Kickstarter Backers
2. Kickstarter Late Backers
3. Pre-Orders
4. General Release

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