Kickstarter 1 – Late Backer Access


Buy this product to grant you access to the Kickstarter products including bundles and exclusives.  You will gain access into the Kickstarter Backers user group and be granted £52 woth of points with which to make your purchases as you wish.

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This product will grant access to the pledge manager for Kickstarter #1 “32mm Resin Fantasy Adventurers”.

After finishing this purchase, you will receive 5200 reward points, which is equivalent to £52.00 of credit. Enough to buy the “Starting Lineup” multi-pack consisting of 7 miniatures – the Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, Cleric, Barbarian, Sorcerer and Ranger.

You do not have to purchase this exact set but it is the lowest priced bundle – you are free to spend your credits where you want and can top up as necessary.

Why use the late backer access instead of waiting for the preorders?  As a late backer, you will be given access to purchase the Kickstarter exclusive Barbarian and the Event exclusive Lion God model.  You will also get all of these miniatures for a reduced price and will be eligible to purchase any of the models released from this Kickstarter with the Kickstarter price discount forever!  so if you cant afford to pick up all of the models you want right now, you can come back any time and top up your collection and save at the same time!

You also do not need to use all of your credit immediately and there is no expiry on the credits, so you can use them for our subsequent releases.

If you only want one or two miniatures from this Kickstarter Range, please use our Pre-order system, and your miniatures will be dispatched when we start shipping the Pre-Orders.  Please be aware though that pre-order sales will be eligible for a one time discount, but you will not retain the discount going forward.

Miniatures from this Kickstarter will be shipped in the following order

1. Kickstarter Backers
2. Kickstarter Late Backers
3. Pre-Orders
4. General Release


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