Norndrassel Jarl


Norndrassel Clans are lead by mighty warriors and leaders known as Jarls, these chieftains will often have a number of settlements under their control and will call upon its members to form raiding parties during the winter months. Not all Jarldoms will have one Jarl. Some, such as the Jarldom of Foehelda which can be found on the main Island of Norndrassel, has four Jarls. Three of these answer to Sven Blackheart, the older brother. To become a Jarl, is not always by what blood you have but sometime how daring you are and if you are able to kill the Jarl and take his place. Many a Thane has attempted to become a Jarl this way.

This model is a single multi-part resin miniature, supplied with an appropriate black plastic base for use in Wrathborn.

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