Wrathborn is a fun fast paced skirmish game with dynamic combat and activations. Set in the dark and mysterious world of Juttergard, Wrathborn has a heavy Dark Age feel to it with a nice slice of High Fantasy.

Wrathborn is the brainchild of Lion Tower Miniatures’ resident game designer Rik Eddon.  Rik has been painstakingly developing the game, it’s background and lore over the last 6 years (and is very pleased to finally see it all coming to fruit).  The miniatures have been sculpted by owner and sculptor Dan Kelly, following the same design ethos behind our RPG miniatures range.

The rule book is currently running at a BETA version count of 34 pages including the faction list for the initial 2 factions.  If you’d like to download this and see what the game is about it is available as a free download in our web store HERE.  Once we add extra faction rules, scenarios and campaign rules, as well as art, stories and background content into the book, we expect the finished book to come in around 150 pages in a hard back format loaded with history, lore and artwork as well as all of the rules and faction lists so you can play in a casual manner or fully immerse yourself in the world we have created.

The models as ever have been lovingly and meticulously digitally sculpted and engineered by Dan, and the masters 3D printed on our little pet PICO to the highest possible standards for commercial production.  These are then master moulded in polyurethane resin and then production moulded to be cast in pewter for the highest quality finish.  All models are supplied unpainted and with the appropriate sized plastic base for use in the game.

Wrathborn will feature four starting factions; The Norndrassel; The Children of Sha; The Kingdoms of Aner’a; and the Jade Empire. Each faction has its own uniquely identifiable aesthetic, feel and play style and we have plans to add many more as the story and game develops with time.

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