The Children of Sha

When the world was created, Sha; the Godess of Nature, created a number of races that complimented the ways world to live in harmony.  Unbeknown to Sha, her father Ruthgar; Lord of the Gods had created humans and had chosen them to be the presiding race in this new world. Sha has strong links with many of her Children but the strongest link of all is with her Lycanfiend.  These wolf like creatures were the first of her many creations and they hold a special place in her heart. The Lycanfiend are a pack race, led by an Alpha with the pack size varying depending on the Alpha.  Some number in the thousands, such as the mighty Greymane Pack; or less than a dozen in the case of the Blackclaw Pack.

Lycanfiend packs are now mostly localised within the Great Forest of Drakendorff which spans across the mainland of Juttergard, in the centre of the forest is Mount Sha and around this, most of the packs can be found. The other Children will work alongside the Packs but we won’t tell you too much about them yet…


All Lycanfiend Packs are lead by an Alpha. These imposing creatures are skilled fighters and cunning hunters, and a successful pack gives thanks for to their Alpha. Should an Alpha fail to protect the pack, he will be removed either by a Beta or by an outsider. One of the most successful Alphas is Greymane. Some even say that he is the chosen of Sha and has even spoken to her directly. True or not, Greymane has the largest Pack and has killed all that have challenged him.

Pack Mates

Packs are made up of mostly Pack Mates. These include young male and female Pack members through to older Lycanfiend. They tend to the Dens and often look after the young, as well as hunting for food. In times of war, Pack Mates make up the bulk of the Pack’s fighting force, often running in smaller groups of three and four pack members, hitting the enemy lines and running away, only to come back and hit them at a different location.

Shadow Stalker

A Shadow Stalker stands apart from her pack, and Alphas often use them to scout forward when hunting or to keep an eye on the Packs boarders. All Shadow Stalkers are female and none of them have a mate. Female Pack Mates that won’t or can’t find a mate, tend towards the path of a Shadow Stalker whilst some others just drift towards this path. It is said that Sha whispers to them and that she shows them how to blend with the shadows of the forest and strike at their enemy unseen.


Alphas who survive being removed from their position, or Betas that fail to overthrow the Alpha are cast out from the pack and become an Omega.  Though Omegas are not a part of the Pack, they tend to stay close, feeding on the scraps left behind and over time they become feral, blood crazed killers, who prey on the weak. When a Pack goes to war, an Omega will hunt down any injured enemy and the smell of blood will send them into a frenzy.

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