My Kickstarter Campaign has wrapped up now and has successfully achieved 255% funding!  That might sound like I’ve made a load of profit, but its pretty much all going back into expanding the product line.  Initially I set out to fund production of 7 miniatures, which happened in exactly 7 […]

Kickstarter Campaign successfully funded!

Unfortunately I haven’t yet completed the sculpt for the paladin, so I have drawn up the concept for him instead. He is now unlocked in the kickstarter and available as an add on or as part of your pledge selections

Paladin Miniature Unlocked

Finished the female fighter figure for Kickstarter as promised! 2 figures finished in 2 days! I’ll get a concept up for the paladin next. KICKSTARTER LINK

Female Fighter miniature

I finished the sculpt of the Druid today! 12 straight hours from start to finish but the first stretch goal is complete! The druid is available as a paid addon or as part of a pledge selection. The warhound is also currently unlocked and we’re only a short stint from […]

Druid Sculpt Complete!

AS of around 11pm on 03/03/17, our Kickstarter has officially hit its funding goal!  It has subsequently gone on to smash through the first stretch goal and is now a hairs breadth away from the second! The Druid is now unlocked!! Thanks to everyone that is supporting us!

Kickstarter FUNDED!

We’ve added the turntable renders of each of the Kickstarter Miniatures to our Youtube channel. Links to all of them below:  

Turntables on Youtube

Although we’re using Kickstarter to fund the production of the miniatures, We’ve had a couple of minis printed anyway to show off. The image of the fighter was sent over by Zealot Miniatures and the Barbarian will follow shortly.

Images of the first 3D print for Kickstarter production

The Campaign launched on 24th February, and at 15 hours in has nearly 50% funded!  come on in and have a look and help us to reach our goal!

Lion Tower Miniatures Kickstarter is now LIVE!

I’ve had mixed feedback about my fighter sculpt, mostly relating to the pose. Something didn’t sit right with me so I reposed and altered a few details. What do you think of him now? Prefer this version or the more static pose from before?

Fighter Repose

A bit of an update for my fighter mini resculpt. A slight pose tweak and the addition of a dagger, sword scabbard and coat, plus I removed the Lion iconography which I felt needed too much of a background story to explain without there actually being one!

Fighter Resculpt