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New themed sets of miniatures released each month in wonderfully simple and easy pre-supported format.  November’s release is a shambling Skeleton Horde to bolster the ranks of your undead forces or present your players with an undead encounter as a challenge!

The Lion’s Tower Adventurers Guild is available to join on both Patreon and on MMF Tribes.  

Subscribers get: 

  • A generous welcome pack containing 13 gloriously pre-supported miniatures
  • The monthly new releases (a melee Skeleton Horde for November!)
  • A 30% in store discount on all of our STLs on My Mini Factory
  • The ability to vote in polls and view subscriber only content
  • Entry into any competitions that are running

When our Subscriber count hits 400, one lucky subscriber will win a Sonic Mini 4K printer!  

Buy STL Files

Sculpting digitally since 2016, The Lion’s Tower has a substantial back catalogue of miniatures that are available to purchase in STL format.  You can find the files you want on a number of platforms including My Mini Factory (MMF), Mini Hoarder and Cults 3D.

Before purchasing, don’t forget that subscribers to Tribes or Patreon get a 30% discount off all STL purchases in my MMF store.  

The Kingdom of Talarius is set within the Magical world of Edillion – a high fantasy world where all manner of magics and technologies exist side by side.  A world in great peril and under threat from an all consuming alien parasite known as “The Seed”.

The Kingdom of Talarius is the first addition to this world and is a complete army to field on the tabletop in your favourite games.  Following a successful Kickstarter Campaign in June 2021, the late pledges are now available to purchase on My Mini Factory Campaigns.


Buy Resin Minis

“I don’t own a 3D printer but I NEED your minis!”

That’s fine!  Not everyone will want to embark on the trials and tribulations of the hobby that is 3d printing!  It takes lots of time, trial and error, endless learning as well as a fair financial outlay for hardware and materials.  If you’d still like to get your hands on a physical miniature or set of miniatures we can supply them to you via our print on demand service partner.

All of our miniatures are available printed to order from our web store at 

“I’ve only ever had metal/plastic/resin minis before – how are 3d printed minis different?”

In my 32+ years of miniature hobbying, I’ve tried a bit of everything, and they all have their pros and cons.  We’ve opted to sell 3D printed minis for a number of reasons:

    • No Mould lines
    • One piece minis with dynamic poses – no assembly required!
    • Cheaper production costs, meaning customers benefit from a reduced sale price
    • No moulds or stock to hold, meaning we can have a truly extensive range on offer at all times!
    • Great surface finish for painting
    • Robust enough for gaming

if you’ve never had the pleasure of handling a 3d printed miniature, we’d like to help you take your first steps!  Here’s an article explaining what to expect (note that the mini shown was printed to demonstrate all of the potential issues in one place and you’re not likely to encounter all of these on any mini – you may often not encounter any!)

Pre-supported Models

All of the supports have been designed using Lychee Slicer and test printed multiple times on a variety of printers including Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k, Epax X1, Epax X10 4K mono and in many cases also an Elegoo Mars and Photon.  This has helped us to ensure that the prints are totally reliable.

The supports are done by Ty Mansfield of Tableflip Foundry and they are quite simply spectacular as you can see in the videos below.

You can see more from the Tableflip Foundry here:


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